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Best Of Three

Best Of Three (CD)

$19.95 USD

Best Of Three (MP3)

$10.00 USD
Rare tracks of old school Blues featuring Junior Watson (guitar, vocal), Fred Kaplan (piano), Bharath Rajakumar (harmonica, vocal) accompanied by superb rhythm sections. Recorded LIVE in Montreal and Los Angeles.
Hold My Mule

Hold My Mule (CD)

$19.95 USD

Hold My Mule (MP3)

$10.00 USD
Hard swingin' West Coast blues and early R&B - featuring Junior Watsom (guitar), Richard Innes (drums), Fred Kaplan (piano/organ), Sax Gordon Beadle (tenor saxophone), and Kedar Roy (bass).

Triage (CD)

$19.95 USD

Triage (MP3)

$10.00 USD
Solo, contemplative piano (great for meditation and relaxation).

Signifyin' (MP3 only)

$10.00 USD
Straight ahead piano trio blues - featuring Larry Taylor (bass), Richard Innes (drums), Fred Kaplan (piano).



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