Signifyin'"Signifyin'", a highly-acclaimed instrumental recording, originally released on Kaplan’s own label in 1997. A sterling group of tracks recorded for the die-hard blues piano aficionados. It features powerful performances from Richard Innes (drums) and Larry Taylor (bass) to compliment this beautiful live recording.

Hold My Mule"Hold My Mule", featuring the incomparable playing of Junior Watson (guitar), Richard Innes (drums), Sax Gordon Beadle (tenor saxophone), Fred Kaplan (piano/organ) and Kedar Roy (bass). Reminiscent of the early West Coast sound, this recording feels and swings like Los Angeles' Central Avenue in the 1940's!

All 17 original compositions were recorded live, with no over-dubbing. A true testimony to musical integrity and tradition, this is the corner where Blues meets Jazz. Destined to set a new standard in the world of Blues and early R&B!

Personal note on " Hold My Mule"

These recordings were an accumulated effort, completed over a two year time period. All the tracks were recorded live, with no over-dubbing whatsoever. Most of the compositions are first takes, never to be duplicated again. These musical friends are a living testimony to their high-caliber skill levels, both individually and as a collaborative group. The artistic love, mutual respect and musical integrity that became evident throughout this project was due, in large part to the passion of my gifted friend Bharath Rajakumar's creative and forward thinking.

It is my hope that you will enjoy the magic as much as we did." - Fred Kaplan
Best Of Three"Best of Three" features 15 rare tracks of old school Blues with Junior Watson, Fred Kaplan, Bharath Rajakumar, including sterling rhythm section accompaniment. Recorded LIVE in Montreal and Los Angeles.
"Triage", a brave solo piano project of inspirational vertical music. It is a fresh and original solitude-flavored perspective to inspire the soul in our hectic and frantic world…. A wonderful and refreshing listening experience for all piano lovers.

Fred is currently continuing to record and tour worldwide, both as a solo pianist and as a supportive side man and producer for many of the world's top Blues artists today.


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Goin' Surfin'

movie, 1974


Hollywood Fats Band "Rock This House" PBR Records

album, 1979


Sharky's Machine (with Burt Reynolds)

movie, 1981


Double Dealin' (with William Clarke and Junior Watson)

album, 1983


The Early Years (with William Clarke)

album, 1984


Tip of the Top (with William Clarke)

album, 1987


Extra Napkins Volume 1 (with James Harman)

album, 1988


With the William Clarke Band (with Smokey Wilson)

album, 1990


Serious Intentions (with William Clarke)

album, 1992


Hollywood Fats Band "Rock This House" Black Top Records

album, 1993


Groove Time (with William Clarke)

album, 1994


Long Overdue (with Junior Watson)

album, 1994


There's a Song in There (with Mark Dufresne)

album, 1994


Black & White (with James Harman / James Harman Band)

album, 1995


Two Hands One Heart (with Kid Ramos)

album, 1995


Working Girl Blues (with Phillip Walker)

album, 1995


Hard Way (with William Clarke)

album, 1996


 Signifyin' (with Richard Innes and Larry Taylor)

album, 1997


Completely Blue (with Robert Lucas)

album, 1997


Mr. Blake's Blues (with Al Blake)

album, 1997


My Blues (with Kim Wilson)

album, 1997


Too Small to Dance (with Big Rhythm Combo)

album, 1997


Now That You're Gome (with William Clarke)

album, 1998


Deluxe Edition (with William Clarke)

album, 1999


I'm Here & I'm Gone (with Kirk Fletcher)

album, 1999


One Little Word (with Freddie Brooks)

album, 1999


Hollywood Fats Band "Rock This House" AIM Records (Australia)

album, 2000


I Can Tell (with Junior Valentine)

album, 2000


Mo' Na'kins, Please (with James Harman)

album, 2000


West Coast House Party (with Kid Ramos)

album, 2000


World Wide Wood (with Lynwood Slim)

album, 2000


BB and The Blues Shacks (Germany)

album, 2001


Complete 1978 Studio Recordings, Hollywood Fats Band (Crosscut Records, Germany)

album, 2001


Dr. Blake's Majic Soul Elixer (with Al Blake)

album, 2002


20th Century Masters - The Christmas Collection: Blue Christmas

album, 2003


Established A Long Time Ago (with The Hollywood Blue Flames)

album, 2004


Pop-X Majic Soul Elixer (with Al Blake)

album, 2004


Soul Sanctuary (with Hollywood Blue Flames)

album, 2005


Lost & Found (with John Long)

album, 2006


Master of the Game (with Steve Edmonson / Jackie Payne)

album, 2006


Road to Rio (Hollywood Blue Flames)

album, 2006


Time Brings About a Change... A Floyd Dixon Celebration (with Floyd Dixon)

album and movie, 2006


Wake Up and Worry (with Mitch Kashmar)

album, 2006


Going Back Home (with Phillip Walker)

album, 2007


Lowdown Feelin' (with Mannish Boys)

album, 2008


Comin' Back Hard (with Bobby Jones)

album, 2009


Triage (solo piano)

album 2009


Shake for Me (with Mannish Boys)

album, 2010


Can't You Hear Me Calling? (with William Clarke)

album, 2011


The Rum Diary (with Johnny Depp)

movie, 2011


Best Of Three (with Bharath Rajakumar, Junior Watson)

album, 2011


Double Dynamite (with Mannish Boys) 

album, 2012

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